Using Machine Learning & A.I to solve business problems


We Help Build Data Driven Companies

Data Strategy & Roadmaps

Data Strategy & Roadmaps

It is difficult to know where you are and where to begin. We analyse your systems & data activities and build a custom data analytics roadmap for your organisation or department.

Data Architecture & Warehousing

Data Architecture & Warehousing

We can help you streamline inefficiencies from conflicting data sources, saving hundreds of wasted hours integrating data & building reports & freeing your time to dig deeper & find actionable insights.

Data Analytics & Analysis

Data Analytics & Analysis

If you have some key questions, we can help you gain understanding. Weaving together visualisations, data narratives & analytical methods – we can craft something specific to your needs.

Machine Learning & A.I

Machine Learning & A.I

We can help you take your business to the next level & gain a valuable competitive advantage through advanced machine learning, statistics & deep learning models.

Using Machine Learning & A.I
to solve business problems

Rapid A.I & Machine Learning Proof-of-Concept Projects

Madlytics are pioneering a new service offering to close the gap between the latest data science technologies and business objectives. With our ‘Rapid A.I-ML’ offering in as little as 4-6 weeks your organisation will gain an understanding of what is and isn’t possible with your current data assets, what data assets you need to achieve your business objectives and a visual, tangible proof-of-concept project to demonstrate what can be done with Machine Learning & A.I in your organisation right now.

Proof-of-Concept Projects

Intelligence Augmentation, Human-Centred

At Madlytics, we approach our problems through the lens of IA, ‘intelligence augmentation’, rather than blind A.I. Ethical considerations and algorithmic accountability is baked into each project. We don’t simply throw problems into a ‘black box’ of code and increasingly complex models until a nice answer appears. We work closely with you to ensure there are human checkpoints and work closely with your relevant domain experts as we solve your problems together.

We greatly enjoy working collaboratively and are driven by identifying areas where our service offerings can dramatically enhance understanding and growth of your businesses.


Machine Learning and the cloud


The future success of productionised machine learning and A.I is inherently linked to how well an organisation can leverage the cloud. Madlytics is officially partnered with Amazon AWS as Certified Solutions Architects, meaning we can help you architect the best, most cost effective & scalable solution for your data analytics needs.

Madlytics works in between Machine Learning & A.I and business stakeholders to solve key business problems collaboratively.