Recommendation engines

Great expectations

Personalised content & experiences in the digital space has become an increasingly important topic, where users now come to expect to get a personalised experience based on their own tastes, behaviour, and history. The field of techniques known as ‘Recommender Systems’ are one way to deliver this personalised experience and are in use by some of the most successful companies known today, such as Amazon, Pandora, Netflix and Spotify.

A truly personalised experience

“If we have 4.5 million customers, we shouldn’t have one store…we should have 4.5 million stores.” – Jeff Bezos

We work with your domain experts to build customised recommendation engines by harnessing the power of advanced machine learning algorithms in tandem with more traditional models. This allows recommendation engines to not only use the similarity of users or items but any of a host of other attributes about the customer or item to build highly personalised models.

We can help you to create truly personalised experiences by building recommendation engines to offer consumers new content or products, deepening the interaction that you have with your customer base.