Data Warehousing

Creating a self-service B.I Platform

A data warehouse is an instrumental building block for any organisation to set up their self service Business Intelligence platform.

Today, organisational data is spread across diverse operational and transactional platforms including elements such as CRM, ERP and Sales systems. Apart from residing across many platforms, this data is also often stored in different formats making ease of integration difficult and time consuming. The rise of the cloud and Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) tools for different micro-functions within organisations has only worsened this problem.

These separate systems rarely talk to each other, creating informational ‘silos’ in an organisation; hindering the ability to gain valuable insight derived from holistic analysis of customers and products through their journeys across these systems.

What you want to know, when you need it

We help organisations unify this data onto a common platform giving them a 360 view of their business and, more importantly, their customers. This platform enables users to perform ad hoc analysis on their data laying the foundation for building automated operational reports essential to run the business.

We leverage the Kimball methodology to build Data Marts which build to the formation of a data warehouse. This bottom up approach assures quick wins to the business allowing immediate returns on their data strategy investment.