Predictive Lead Scoring

What is a lead worth?

Lead Scoring helps define the value or likelihood of conversion of your leads based on their interaction with your website, marketing activities and product. Traditionally this is done through manually allocating points in a marketing automation or sales software program based on what somebody has decided might be a good prospect; either by demographic details or by rudimentary behavioural attributes.

Yet how do you discover, test and weight new, perhaps complex behavioural attributes or patterns of interactions and have confidence that these are helping to identify strong leads?

Optimising your sales effort

We help organisations gauge the health of their lead generation activities through a variety of ways including;

  • Visualising their leads’ journey through the product including content being engaged with and other related information.
  • Predictive modelling to prioritise leads that are more likely to convert
  • Segmentation of those leads into different categories or value tiers
  • Analysis of driving factors which are most important in determining the likelihood of a lead to convert or to belong to different segments.

This analysis and overall ‘health check’ allows the sales teams to focus on the right leads and marketing teams to optimise their lead generation activities with the confidence of solid data, modelling and analysis behind their decisions.